Benefits of Epoxy Resin Flooring

Epoxy resin flooring is something widely used in commercial and industrial facilities as the benefits over traditional flooring types are immense, but resin flooring is rarely considered as a residential alternative.

This may be because of the historical lack of style that epoxy resin flooring has had, traditional a plain colour that doesn’t quite look as ‘cool’ as timber flooring or stylish carpet. But the benefits cannot be denied, and epoxy flooring is now getting a lot more stylish too!


  • Create an easy to clean, seamless surface: epoxy floor coating products dry to become durable, seamless surfaces that can easily be wiped free of dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Result in a hard wearing and durable surface: epoxy floor coating products turn concrete floors into a seamless and durable, high performance surface that will last for years to come.
  • Improve safety: epoxy floor coating products can improve safety by creating a slip, impact, heat, and fire resistant flooring solution.
  • Offer an environmentally friendly flooring solution: Epoxy floor coatings are an environmentally friendly flooring solution for households interested in choosing “green” alternatives and building materials.
  • Allow for quick and easy application: Our epoxy floor coatings are self-leveling products. This allows our experienced professionals to apply an epoxy floor coating quickly over any new or old concrete floors.
  • Offer a cost efficient flooring solution: Epoxy floor coating installation from professional and experienced epoxy flooring providers is an affordable flooring solution. The durable and hard wearing surface that results from floor coatings will last for years to come with little to no need for maintenance or up keep costs.


The commercial world has been using epoxy resin floor coatings for a long time, and soon it will become more popular in the residential market as well so keep it in mind for your next reno.


Sarah is a home decor enthusiast that is passionate about architecture, design and beautiful houses.

Author: Sarah Washington

Sarah is a home decor enthusiast that is passionate about architecture, design and beautiful houses.

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