Poolscaping Ideas

Poolscaping; a genius term created by combining pool + landscaping. It’s the art of landscaping around your pool to make it a relaxing and beautiful paradise.

When starting a poolscaping campaign there are many questions that crop up. What plants should I plant near the pool? How much maintenance am I comfortable with? Privacy, convenience, safety and these questions go on and on.

Consider if you have a salt water or freshwater pool. Think about the fact that if your pool has saltwater, your plants can be harmed from splashes if they’re close to the pool.

Plants that Shed- Avoid planting trees and plants that shred heavily around the pool. All plants are going to shed but there are those that shed more than others. Spend some time and explore those plants that shed little so you’re not having to cleanup the pool constantly.


Get some inspiration online to help you plan what you want to implement and what you want to include. Pinterest is great for this, you can also get some inspiration from google images.


Think before you act

Think about the big picture before you plunge entirely into taking action.  Think of the overall look and feel that you would like your pool to have. Southwestern type and tropical vibe are some of the themes you can bring around the pool area. The area in which you live in should be able to tell you the theme you will go for. For instance, if you live in a tropical area, you can plant some palm trees and native bushes. If you live in a moisture rich area, you can go for a southwestern theme.

Chill out…

The swimming pool area is one of those places in your garden that are supposed to be peaceful and blissful. Think of the area around your pool to be serene. That which when you are relaxing, you feel like this is the place you’d like to be all the time.

Don’t forget the pool

A lot of poolscaping is about landscaping around the pool, but you can’t forget the centrepiece! If your pool tiling or coping is starting to look a little old or run down then getting in some professionals like Victoria Pool Resurfacing to help bring your pool back to life will make all the difference in the look of the overall project.


If you have no idea about pool resurfacing, you can avoid all the problems from the start if you hire a landscaping firm or professionals. If you decide to do it on your own, you will have to invest some time in plant research.

The style of your home, your swimming pool, and the climate will dictate your landscaping options.


Sarah is a home decor enthusiast that is passionate about architecture, design and beautiful houses.

Author: Sarah Washington

Sarah is a home decor enthusiast that is passionate about architecture, design and beautiful houses.

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