Recycled Timber-The Style That Will Never Go Out of Style

Using recycled timber products is one way of conserving the environment. It’s also once of the best ways to add style and elegance to your home. Nothing speaks luxury and style like quality recycled timber with heaps of grain and character showing.


More and more style shows like the block along with style magazines like Vogue Living are featuring recycled timber dining tables and recycled timber decor. It’s becoming more fashionable, timber has always been in fashion and always will be, but quality recycled timber hardwood is always going to look amazing.

The timber itself may be styled slightly using current themes like this outdoor recycled timber dining table with an industrial style coloured paint job on top:


image source;

So the style of the base and the finish on top of the timber might change as styles change but recycled timber is too beautiful to ever go out of style.


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