Saving Energy on Heating/Cooling

The majority of us rely on electricity to warm our houses in the winter and cool in the summer. This can get expensive when you’ve got the heating pumping all winter, or the air con all summer. A great way to reduce these costs is to install good quality insulation as well as double glazed windows.

Save on energy costs



Insulation has been shown to reduce energy costs substantially in homes. Insulation is effective when installed in ceilings, walls and underfloor insulation is becoming extremely popular in newer home to give that luxury heated floor feeling.

Glazed Windows:

Windows can leak up to 40% of your heat out of a home. The best way to prevent this is to get your windows glazed, double glazed windows prevent heat and cool from escaping your home and have a huge impact on energy required to keep your home comfortable.


Fans simply move the air around the room and feel nice on your skin but doesn’t actually cool down your house at all. Fans are a waste of money in my opinion if you can get the other more important factors sorted. If you can’t afford insulation or glazing then fans are a much cheaper method, but not nearly as good.


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